Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Today was whack. Here, have some news.

Ya, craziness. I ate my salad at 4:00; we call that "linner." But it's my own fault for trying to multitask over lunch, and then ending up with no time for, um, lunch.

Recap: my group visit forgot about me (their excuse: it's the first day back after a long weekend); I am without my extra staff from Cumberland (closed for renos; reopening soon, so CU staff have returned home. Yay them; Booooo me); people fought over the Internet computers; I tried to prep our displays for Doors Open Ottawa; I scheduled some summer reading club outreach; we had our first branch staff meeting, etc., etc. Seriously, where does the day go?

A few post-Victoria Day linkety-links:


  1. At North Gloucester, we call that Slunch. Or Lupper. You even get to choose according to circumstances...