Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day in Girl's life

Girl wakes up + eats 1/2 bagel.
Girl showers, etc.
Girl practices interview questions with spouse as he puts on his jacket.
Girl dresses, drinks coffee, reads paper.
Girl squishes stuffed kitty cat and alligator in handbag (requires re-evaluation half-way through and handbag switch) and leaves the house.
Girl arrives at interview location; steps in the same Blu-Tack twice while waiting to be called into interview. Picks Blu-Tack off shoe.
Girl is unable to open free water bottle provided in interview for approximately 40 seconds. Water spews. Classic ice-breaker.
Girl interviews for her current "Acting" position; refuses to indulge too much in comparison to previous job she also passionately wanted and lost, prompting many tears and a move to Ottawa in the first place.
Girl takes off jacket to read stories during interview; stuffed kitty and alligator get points for the assist. Girl gets twisted pleasure out of making entire interview panel lick their lips like the alligator in the story.
Girl leaves interview; runs into one of her favourite colleagues; enlists colleague's help inter-office mailing kitty back to herself to lessen the "load."
Girl walks back to home library; guzzles troublesome water.
Girl relieves colleague on Info desk, thinking, yes, it's 11, I have all the time in the world before my two author visits this afternoon!
Girl serves patrons (props to KStar for saving the day re. last copy of book FOUND for patron waiting months!); liaises with IT re. printer roller problems (no, I CANNOT lift the printer to look for the freaking manufacture date, dude!); begins timesheet approval; checks in 3 shelves' worth of holds on her programming card and personal card. E-mails are culled from the herd; holds are sorted (Doors Open historical documents; Pokemon for the after-school club; Red Shoes for the Bytowne display; books for author visits; books for SRC).
Girl realises only one title came in on hold for today's two author visits; girl begins to freak out.
Girl pauses freak-out when author #1 shows up (early is good; just maybe not today!!!!)
Girl guides author to program room; settles author in (water? LCD projector?); girl excuses herself.
Girl corrals building facilities operator and her manager (Julio and Philip, I love you!) to look through 12+ grey bins of delivered library material (not yet unpacked) to look for her reserved (not yet arrived!) books for author visits.
Team J + P find 3 books and are thanked profusely. Girl threatens to hug manager.
Author visit #1 goes smoothly. Two free copies of books given away; no one checks out the sole copy retrieved by Team J + P from grey bins. More on author visits in later post.
Girl realises halfway between visit that she hasn't had lunch. Oops.
Girl retrieves pathetic salad; girl snacks on WheatThins while unpacking lunch.
2 minutes into salad, girl hears manager ascending staircase to attic staffroom.
Manager announces "You got the job!" Girl is afraid he is joking for 1.5 seconds (OK, in my defense, it was pretty early to be hearing back about an interview 4 hrs ago).
Girl tries to clink Sigg bottle with something, before realising manager has no bevvie.
Salad and burger-fries consumed in contentment by girl and manager, respectively. Someone's mother is called via cell phone.
Girl reports to author visit #2; luckily, colleague has been holding down fort: class is already there and climbing on the furniture (oh, I kiddeth not....)
Author arrives; attempts to navigate Most Vocal Group Ever. Does a pretty kick-ass job (again, details later). Discussion topics involve leeches and one kid's similarity to Chris Rock. Boy condemned to corner near book trucks (one assumes for bad behaviour on the way to the library?) provides some interesting observations.
No one checks out 3 extra copies of author's book retrieved from the bins by team J + P.
Girl bids farewell to author, who is off to buy hot sauce in Navan before driving home.
Girl checks in on colleagues; claims more holds arrived in interim; faxes timesheets late ... ooooops!
Girl opens inbox to manager's message about new job confirmation; 29 other e-mails in 2 hour interim (many congratulations).
Girl makes to-do list for Saturday; strategises with manager re. tasks we can postpone for the moment, given the craziness of today.
Girl writes dorky Post-it note reminding herself that on Saturday, employee will be shadowing her in anticipation of future job opportunities.
Girl hears cell phone ringing from basement and cannot get there in time.
Girl walks part way home with Borrower services supervisor; cell phone rings again; girl tells spouse she got the job. Cheering ensues x3.
Girl gets home; cracks open beer and fills a bowl of chips. Listens to mother's singing voicemail.
Girl writes dorky blog post that sounds exactly like her internal monologue.


  1. Girl is congratulated again. You certainly deserve it. See you in June. I'll buy you a drink.

  2. Congrats, Alex! :) A four-hour turn around is pretty impressive - I think when I interviewed with GB the first tiem it was about that much, too.

  3. Ah, a typical day in the life.

    Congratulations! You deserve it ... a lot of waiting/anticipation and a quick (favourable) resolution = awesomeness in my books.

  4. congratulations -you're the best!!!