Friday, February 17, 2012

Seen reading on OC Transpo

Mirror, mirror, on the post / When is the O-Train coming? *

* yeah, that doesn't scan, does it?

Friday, February 10, 2012

Seen reading on OC Transpo

One of my usual spots: pine tree, parking garage, and patience.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

FUNDRAISER: Censored Out Loud! *

Wednesday, February 29, 2012, 10 p.m. to midnight
Tickets: $10 at the door (or pay what you can)

I'm finally ready to announce the details of this pet project!

Part of Freedom to Read Week and a fundraiser for PEN Canada, Censored out loud 2012 will consist of readings from censored/banned/challenged writing, musical performances of censored/banned/challenged songs and scenes from censored/banned/challenged plays. This event builds on four years of local events for Freedom to Read Week, including “Censored Out Loud 2011,” a “Freedom to Read Week debate,” “Dangerous Words,” and a “Freedom to read trivia night.” Organisers of this year's event include librarians, writers, media, and local arts patrons.

Confirmed participants include local writers and poets Nichole McGill, Brendan McNally, Alan Cumyn, and Max Middle, Ottawa Public Library children's programmer extraordinaire Sarah Campbell, librarian Dorothy Jeffreys and former City Librarian Barbara Clubb, Don Monet from the CUBE Gallery and Marie-Camille Lalande from the Ottawa Art Gallery, a variety of actors, and musicians Andrea Simms-Karp, Colin Wylie, Marc Nelson, and Brian Simms - plus many more local celebrities and special guests (stay tuned!)

The event is presented by Ottawa Tonite in collaboration with the Library Association of the National Capital Region, Ottawa Public Library staff (thanks, guys!), local writers, singer-songwriters, VerseFest Ottawa, The Gladstone Theatre and the Ottawa theatre community.

*This will be a night of variety and potential profanity, so bring your open mind and prepare to exercise your FREEDOM.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Library day in the life, Round 8 wordle

I'm really happy that "staff" is largest: they are most important. I'm pleasantly surprised by the size of "book," and not surprised at all by "email."

See my previous #libday wordles here.

Library day in the life, Round 8, Friday

Friday! Hooray! I have a massage scheduled tomorrow that I am desperately looking forward to!
  • Google Reader on the bus (favourite items: "On my best (greatest) skirt," by the lovely Jean, and "day four of #libday8," by Amy.
  • Random tasks when I first arrived, pre-actual-workday, including posting the Seen reading on OC Transpo entry here, managing my own holds and loans, etc.
  • OK, an explanation of the pic at right. If you blow it up, you can see that we name our cat every day. This (and the cat calendar itself) is a long-standing tradition dating back to a colleague at Carlingwood, now gone, but fondly remembered. I think of it as our daily laugh now: one day, my colleague named the two cats pictured as William and Kate, and I practically died laughing. Yesterday's cat (at right) was Haughty McGee, named by me for her demeanour.
  • Approved leave for colleague.
  • Printed out some performance appraisals (we call them Individual Contribution Agreements) that I have to review.
  • Printed out some "If you like" bookmarks to cut and display.
  • Work on next week's Person in Charge schedule.
  • Email external colleague for info-gathering about best practices....
  • Registered four people for our February Cuba lecture (events database FINALLY back up)
  • Made some displays look pretty.
  • Checked the Info voicemail.
  • Consultation about moving collections with circulation supervisor and a page.
  • Maintenance staff check in re. finishing a task I asked them to do!
  • Meeting with Corporate Security and two supervisors regarding branch safety.
  • Approved the minutes from Monday's staff meeting and sent to all staff.
  • Responded to slightly rude email from external partner - have you heard of putting a greeting at the beginning and end of a message? Jeesh.
  • Belatedly skim request from colleague in another city to scan a translation (sorry!)
  • Photocopy a chapter of a marketing book that I have had checked out for far too long.....
  • Close email. Work offline for the rest of the morning (which is really only about 30 mins). In order to do this, physically remove myself from computer desk to small table in my office.
  • Aaaand we're open!
  • Two French suggestions to purchase from one of our regulars
  • Do you have any books about Glee?
  • I think my holds expired... Can you check and re-order?
  • It says a copy of Bossypants is here but I can't find it? (turns out it's on Express, but the patron has never heard of Express, so I take her downstairs. Only it's not there. Hasn't been out since Dec 23. Probably lost. I order it for her. Her card is expired. I rope in a circulation person to renew for her.... etc!)
  • Patron having problems logging in to wireless on his Playbook. Long story short, it's an issue with clicking on the words "I accept" when he logs into our wireless page, instead of the radio button beside the words "I accept." GAH! Stupid small buttons! I taught him that motion that is the opposite of pinching, to zoom into the page and click carefully.
  • Mystery involving people waiting for an item that we don't seem to have any copies of... until we discover they are "hidden" in the catalogue because they are at Hazeldean, which is closed! We email the HA Coordinator to "liberate."
  • Do you have a book about interpreting blood test results? (no, but there is this and this. Also mentioned that normal ranges can vary greatly, and the best thing to do is consult your doctor...)
  • On my break, I read about a seminary librarian whose library has a large collection of puppets!
  • Email, email....
  • I brokez the OLA website. I also threatened homicide and started talking to myself... so my colleague let me leave.

The end.

Seen reading on OC Transpo

Even if in the Beaudelaire / Benjamin sense?

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Library day in the life, Round 8, Thursday

  • This morning, I had training on our new City-wide eRecruitment process. The training was 9-1 at 100 Constellation, so off I went on the packed #95 bus.
  • But first, I checked email from home and forwarded a message from an employee cancelling a shift today to someone who’s actually at Carlingwood to deal with it... On the bus, I scanned Google Reader news.
  • I am allowed an extra coffee if I am going to a meeting. Unfortunately, I had a thermos + milk fail (at right). Meh. Black is OK.
  • The training was really interesting (basically, the eRecruitment tool will allow us to manage and modify competitions online from start to finish – I’ll spare you the details).
  • Here’s the thing with me: I hate, hate, HATE webinars in general, so I made sure I signed up for the in-person version of this training because I know webinars this long about finicky tools like this bore me to tears, and as a consequence, left to my own devices in the office, I will get distracted by real work and forget to follow along. At least with others around me, I am generally embarrassed enough to stay off email and ignore my to-do list.
  • That being said (you knew there was a “but” coming here, didn’t you?), I did manage to send out the monthly report (completed), sign up for some training (I know, a webinar, but it looks so interesting! And I’m going to get a group involved to keep me on track), sent a quick email about FTRW planning, scheduled a few 1-on-1 meetings with my team, set up a few reminders in Outlook, and put in a Grand and Toy order. I did all this either during the break or when everyone was working on exercises during training (I always finish first).
  • I also received an email saying the day-long workshop I was presenting at on Saturday has been cancelled. Oh well, I was starting to get stressed about not finishing my presentation, anyway, so one less worry this week!
  • Meeting with colleague upon arrival to branch
  • We’re screwed for the schedule tonight so I called around for a replacement. The lovely JC stepped in (shout-out!) She will also soon be appearing in an article for Feliciter with me.... Mwha haha!
  • Faxed some timesheets and met with circulation supervisor
  • Followed up on a few things that came up in conversation with my team.....
  • Hacked away at the to-do list.
  • Had to call a patron about program registration and ended up having a great, if somewhat depressing, conversation about patron privacy and ease of use of library cards by spouses. Basically, in order to pick up your spouse/partner's holds, you must have their library card. Which is kind of inconvenient, but intended to protect people's privacy. There is no other option as yet to assign someone permission to access your account... Anyway, we debated a bit, and I promised to pass on the patron's feedback.
  • More hacking. Several draft messages from earlier this week were sent!
  • Wrote some quick reviews for our CLA BOYCA shortlist
  • Sorted some more email, made some lists.....
  • wandered over to Info desk to drop something off and got sucked into elaborate ebook download question. I'm a bit worried about that patron .... His eyes glazed over with confusion.... I kept asking if he was following ok, and he kept saying yes.... I sent him home with some handouts, too, because Ididn't think he was totally with me
  • Clarified some more policy
  • Succeeded in completing very few tasks to my satisfaction today. GRR.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Library day in the life, Round 8, Wednesday

Another out-of-the-ordinary thing about this week is that one of my team is off right now. I've managed to replace some of her hours, but I am alone on Info this morning until lunch-time. And so, here we go....
  • Read Google Reader items while waiting for bus. Very slippery in my 'hood this morning....
  • I get in, check voicemail (x3 - two phones at Info and two messages on my phone), have to empty my entire handbag to find my office door key (sigh).
  • A member of my team left me a note about my article in Access: "Cool, awesome and sick!" I love my peeps.
  • Boot up laptop and check network connection on the third floor. We are planning to put a spare office up there, and we need to know what kind of access there is already. Verdict: none.
  • Email galore.
  • Finish the monthly report. Am temporarily foiled trying to look something up in our programs because our events database is down.
  • Run our Position Incumbent Report for the branch so I can check all the full-time and part-time staff have alarm codes for the branch security alarm. Submit names and codes to Corporate Security.
  • Send out an emergency email to fill a shift at circ tonight as someone there is sick. If I don't get a reply from someone in an hour or so, I will have to bite the bullet and start calling around.
  • Packed up some sign holders for another branch that needs them (we have extra)
  • Called IT about a frequent crash we're experiencing on one PC when opening Outlook.
  • Can I reserve that Nixon book by Conrad Black?
  • More email
  • Realise the Bolshoi Ballet falls on the same weekend as Race Weekend, making it all a few days before CLA Conference. Too much on at the same time! Argh!
  • Have to re-schedule some shifts because employee who has most seniority and accepted them now has shifts elsewhere.
  • Found someone to work this evening but not this afternoon.....
  • I can't log in to the Express computer... (turns out the issue was the Numbers Lock button being off)
  • I can't download my ebook (I think it's because our website is down right now...)
  • I want to sign up for the Cuba program on February 13th....
  • Long-winded person with ebook
  • First book by Louise Rennison
  • I'm on hold for Emily the Strange : piece of mind... How long will it take?
  • Do you think the Library's ebook collection will be compatible with a Kindle one day?
  • Do you have this book by Erica Spindler?
  • Do you have The Devil's Footprints by Amanda Stevens?
  • Am I still on hold for this book?
  • Do you have any books by C. J Box here? Two in HC mystery, 1 in HC Fic, and 2 in mystery PBs. Sometimes, our collection drives me BATTY. Also, I want to integrate the paperbacks but they take up almost half the third floor and I don't know how I'm going to ever do it. Patron and I divide and conquer and retrieve all the Boxes.
  • Meanwhile, the phone is ringing off the hook with three new messages and I have seven new emails just while I was serving those people.
  • Triage email
  • Respond to one of the voicemails, which is from a colleague. The other two are ebook and events-database related, so I can't do anything right now while the website is down.
  • Went on a massive treasure hunt for a book that says it is on display at Carlingwood.... Ended up not finding it. It's a last copy, so I emailed all Info staff to have a look around for it. Drat.
  • Finally get around to re-assigning those shifts.
  • I want to use the Internet (I explain how it works). OK, so where on the computer do I put in my library card? (Oh, I love seniors....).
  • So, I hear you are the boss here? Turns out this man heard me serve the previous patron (who wanted to put her library card in the CD drive), thought I was great, and wanted to tell the boss, so he asked who that was at circ. Then he realised it was me. We had a chuckle. I offered to tell my boss! He says we are undervalued and that all the staff at CA are great. I had to agree, obvs.
  • Enlisted a page to check the thermostat because it's super hot near the public PCs.
  • Question from staff about the Person in Charge policy at OPL
  • I have totally lost my train of thought re. tasks I wanted to do this morning. It is now about 11 am and I think I need to just write this morning off.
  • Call Digital Services to inquire about how to return an ebook early. The helpful staff member explains that if it's a Kobo 1st generation or similar, the return is done through Adobe Digital Editions; if the book was downloaded through an app, click on the title, hold it down, and wait for the - button to appear to remove it. I have to call back the patron to ask, but it turns out it's a digital audiobook. Another call to Digital Services confirms that these cannot be returned early. Good to know!
  • Do you have Caine's Reckoning by Sarah McCarty? (little old lady patron + ripped dude on the book cover = awesome)
  • Staff bring me a copy of Secret Wife Of Louis XIV by Veronica Buckley with missing pages. Only one remaining copy, so I emailed Collections to order more if possible, and advised staff to withdraw this copy.
  • Question from one of the pages regarding shelving we are shifting.
  • Where is your photocopier? (We've moved it recently in anticipation of getting a massive new fancypants print management device)
  • Little old lady returns. She found her book on the shelf. I missed seeing it in the catalogue search. She pursed her lips at me. Ouch. I appologise and smile and say, good thing this had a happy ending! She's not having any of it, though.
  • I forgot my library card at home but I want to use the computers? (I look up his accout after he provides photo ID; his card has expired, so I direct him to the circulation desk to renew it first)
  • Opened a service desk call....
  • Holy s%&$ I have 16 messages saved as draft. AAAAHHHH!
  • ... and now it's 17.
  • Help patron with photocopier.
  • Faxed my old boss something that might be helpful when training a new employee. Talked to maintenance staff while waiting for fax to go through re. hanging a banner promoting the Foundation.
  • Request for a Harlan Coben book; patron is also having trouble accessing our new catalogue online, so I give her some tips.
  • Timesheets!
  • Can I request The Book of Negroes?
  • Can I request the two previous volumes in this series? (en français!)
  • I run a book club and I need to order multiple copies of these books.....
  • Staff report ice falling from roof. I ask maintenance staff to take a look. Kind of a fact of life, but sometimes maintenance staff go up and knock the biggest pieces off.
  • Clarification of policy regarding reporting absences with staff at all levels
  • Phone call with staff member regarding request for IT to install speakers in our program room.
  • Another phone call from a patron wishing to register for a program online, but the events database is still down (website is back up, though!), so I take down his information.
  • I lost my pen! (I explain lost and found). No, can I borrow one?
  • Do you have books that are, like, based on movies? Where would these be shelved?
  • One of my former students stops by and inquires if I know of anywhere in Ottawa offering language courses for a certain language. I offer to investigate with our Newcomer librarian....
  • More email......
  • And that was just the morning. Insert lunchbreak here. Pizza was involved.
  • After lunch, I passed on instructions to the casual employee I had working, went downstairs to check in with circ and children's staff, and then tackled my to-do list until I went back on Info at 4 pm. The to-do list included a debate with various levels of OPL staff regarding social media policy, following up with patron complaint from Monday, and all those emails.
  • Can I reserve these three books? (points haphazardly on a sheet with at least 40 book titles)
  • Do you have La boheme with soprano Anna Netrebko on DVD? Can I get it via ILL? Can you ask Collections to purchase it? After all, if it's out there, it's in here, right?
  • Any other books by the author of The Kite Runner? What do you mean, you can't find it on the shelf? Where is it? (people's righteous indignation, and their absolute faith in us, amuses me....)
  • A bunch of Algonquin students looking for the documentary called 3rd world Canada by Ottawa filmmaker Andrée Cazabon.
  • 12 new emails during those last four bullet points... GAH!
  • Question in French: Avez-vous Les mots de ma vie?
  • Next question is re. picking up a hold (can't find it on the shelf). Also in French!
  • Do you have The Social Animal The Hidden Sources of Love, Character, and Achievement?
  • Is this DVD part of a series? (not really, but I can find some others....)
  • Same patron: Stever Irwin is in this DVD, and he mentions he also went on a trip to save the elephants? (had to break it to her that he's dead, but the ship in her movie was named after him, and his work is continued by the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, and no, we don't have any DVDs about them working with elephants, but we have one about their Antarctic expedition)
  • Same patron: two most recent Jude Devereaux in large print.