Friday, February 3, 2012

Library day in the life, Round 8, Friday

Friday! Hooray! I have a massage scheduled tomorrow that I am desperately looking forward to!
  • Google Reader on the bus (favourite items: "On my best (greatest) skirt," by the lovely Jean, and "day four of #libday8," by Amy.
  • Random tasks when I first arrived, pre-actual-workday, including posting the Seen reading on OC Transpo entry here, managing my own holds and loans, etc.
  • OK, an explanation of the pic at right. If you blow it up, you can see that we name our cat every day. This (and the cat calendar itself) is a long-standing tradition dating back to a colleague at Carlingwood, now gone, but fondly remembered. I think of it as our daily laugh now: one day, my colleague named the two cats pictured as William and Kate, and I practically died laughing. Yesterday's cat (at right) was Haughty McGee, named by me for her demeanour.
  • Approved leave for colleague.
  • Printed out some performance appraisals (we call them Individual Contribution Agreements) that I have to review.
  • Printed out some "If you like" bookmarks to cut and display.
  • Work on next week's Person in Charge schedule.
  • Email external colleague for info-gathering about best practices....
  • Registered four people for our February Cuba lecture (events database FINALLY back up)
  • Made some displays look pretty.
  • Checked the Info voicemail.
  • Consultation about moving collections with circulation supervisor and a page.
  • Maintenance staff check in re. finishing a task I asked them to do!
  • Meeting with Corporate Security and two supervisors regarding branch safety.
  • Approved the minutes from Monday's staff meeting and sent to all staff.
  • Responded to slightly rude email from external partner - have you heard of putting a greeting at the beginning and end of a message? Jeesh.
  • Belatedly skim request from colleague in another city to scan a translation (sorry!)
  • Photocopy a chapter of a marketing book that I have had checked out for far too long.....
  • Close email. Work offline for the rest of the morning (which is really only about 30 mins). In order to do this, physically remove myself from computer desk to small table in my office.
  • Aaaand we're open!
  • Two French suggestions to purchase from one of our regulars
  • Do you have any books about Glee?
  • I think my holds expired... Can you check and re-order?
  • It says a copy of Bossypants is here but I can't find it? (turns out it's on Express, but the patron has never heard of Express, so I take her downstairs. Only it's not there. Hasn't been out since Dec 23. Probably lost. I order it for her. Her card is expired. I rope in a circulation person to renew for her.... etc!)
  • Patron having problems logging in to wireless on his Playbook. Long story short, it's an issue with clicking on the words "I accept" when he logs into our wireless page, instead of the radio button beside the words "I accept." GAH! Stupid small buttons! I taught him that motion that is the opposite of pinching, to zoom into the page and click carefully.
  • Mystery involving people waiting for an item that we don't seem to have any copies of... until we discover they are "hidden" in the catalogue because they are at Hazeldean, which is closed! We email the HA Coordinator to "liberate."
  • Do you have a book about interpreting blood test results? (no, but there is this and this. Also mentioned that normal ranges can vary greatly, and the best thing to do is consult your doctor...)
  • On my break, I read about a seminary librarian whose library has a large collection of puppets!
  • Email, email....
  • I brokez the OLA website. I also threatened homicide and started talking to myself... so my colleague let me leave.

The end.


  1. How do you think Kate's hair stays so shiny? ;)