Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Step into 1934 with me

In the margins of my regular workday (wait, my workday has margins? And I fill them? That explains why I don't have time to pee) I've been collecting and organising material for Doors Open Ottawa, which Rideau Library is participating in.

I can get really caught up in this historical stuff (I came in at 8 and stayed until 7:30 almost every day for two months when researching local authors in another community for an international event), so I am reeeeeally trying to keep the work to a minimum. Details forthcoming, but as a teaser, I thought you might enjoy this, from the Citizen on Wednesday, January 24, 1934. Still holds true, you know: "the maximum of whatever is possible ought to be done."

This also made me realise why people think we're a Carnegie: because the library system in Ottawa (such as it was) was called the Carnegie Public Library for a short while, in honour of Andrew himself. That being said, Carnegie funded only Main and Rosemount; the 27, 500$ for Rideau was raised by the library board in Ottawa.


  1. I think my fave line is "It will be the beginning of what should be an admirable community service."


  2. my favourite line is "in recent years, the idea of small branch libraries in residential districts has been generally accepted."

    It's so amazing and weird to think there was a time when this was NOT generally accepted.