Friday, May 21, 2010

Felt Friday #4: Camo cats

I know, I need to make a better door.

This is to directly accompany "Five little kitty cats playing by the door..." below, but of course you can use these kitties for other songs and stories! I think the white kitty above looks particularly stunned by my photography.... Also, apparently no one feeds brown or camo kitty.

Stories: I spent awhile being moderately obsessed with Bad Kitty by Nick Bruel; Kitten's First Full Moon (Caldecott winner!) is also good for the toddler set (be sure to make licking noises). Other favs here.


Five little kitty cats
Five little kitty cats playing near the door
One ran and hid inside and then there were four.
Four little kitty cats underneath a tree
One heard a dog bark and then there were three.
Three little kitty cats wondering what to do
One ran to chase a bird and then there were two.
Two little kitty cats sitting in the sun
One ran to catch his tail and then there was one.
One little kitty cat looking for some fun
He saw a butterfly and then there were none.

The Puppy and the Kitty Cat
Here is a little puppy (Hold up left fist)
Here is a kitty cat (Hold up right fist)
Puppy goes to sleep (Put clenched fist, fingers down on lap)
Curled up on his mat.
Kitty creeps up softly, (Move fingers of right hand slowly toward left hand)
Tickles puppies chin (Tickle thumb of left hand with finger of right hand)
Puppy wakes up quickly! (Lift left fist)
See the chase begin! (Have left fist "chase" right.)


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