Sunday, May 16, 2010

Allan Stratton's Chanda's Secrets = the movie Life above all

... Premiering at Cannes on Tuesday, shot in Pedi (Northern Sotho, the local dialect in Jo'burg) rather than English.

While Stratton is (of course) Canadian, as is the screenplay, the film is a joint German - South African production, which the Globe and Mail makes a rather big deal of, especially after the screenwriter inplies the film didn't get Telefilm funding because of the language.

Oh well, some good news: "Stratton, who visited the set in Elandsdoorn, South Africa, has supported the changes to his book – including the title. And he’s blown away by what he’s seen. “I was just in tears watching the rushes,” he says. “It’s just so moving.”"

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