Sunday, May 15, 2011

Medic to Medic fact of the day 3

Medic to Medic's three aims (source):

To support trainee healthcare workers "throughout their education, so that they are at less risk of dropping out of their course and can concentrate on their studies. We want to add to the absolute numbers of healthcare workers in training, in order that there are more graduates in countries with critical shortages."

To improve equity and access by increasing "the numbers of doctors working in rural areas, so that everyone has equal access to healthcare. We want to increase the number of women training as health workers, in order that more women have entry to better paid, stable employment."

To raise awareness "through mentorship, teaching and exchange programmes, [...] of the different conditions facing colleagues worldwide and an appreciation of the global health community."

Donate to Medic to Medic in support of my half-marathon run on May 29, 2011 here.

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