Monday, May 30, 2011

Alex: 1; Bone bruise: 0!

I survived my second half-marathon!

I came in at 2:10:26, four minutes faster than last year, despite my struggles with that bone bruise on my knee.

I am really pleased!

It was humid, and my face felt really hot for the first 10K, but the rain that started along the Ottawa River Parkway helped cool everyone down. It was still so humid and foggy, though, that I could see the steam rising off the runners beside me, and crossing the Alexandra Bridge, the top of the Peace Tower was completely obscured.

Lots of people out cheering, which really does make a difference to those of us running. I always find it especially amazing that people take the time to read your name on your bib and shout out "Go, Alexandra!"

I ran the last 2K with one of my students, which was a lot of fun. The husband, of course, followed me around taking pictures and cheering me on, and is credited with the photo above, not to mention training with me for the past few months. He's way faster than me; it keeps me pushing myself. If you ever see us along the canal, you'll be able to tell it's us because he circles back in a loop for me when I'm slow.

He also helped me hobble home (my hip flexors were killing me), let me wear his jacket on top of mine, and made me scrambled eggs. I then collapsed with a children's book for the afternoon, but soon found I was too tired even to concentrate on that.

Thank you all for your support by donating to Medic to Medic; I will continue to accept donations for one more month. It means a lot to me, personally, to know that I have such amazing friends and colleagues (not that I didn't know already).

I think I'll take a few days off running, 'k?