Sunday, May 8, 2011

Half-marathon update

I haven't been talking too much about training so far, in part because I have been following my physiotherapist's advice to under-train, due to January's knee injury (the clearest diagnosis I have is that I received a bone bruise.)

I've been averaging about 22ish kms a week, when last year at this time I was running double that. I'm a bit nervous about the half-marathon, but I think overall it was a good decision not to over-train on a still-swollen knee. Yesterday, I ran about 13k, down to Bronson Bridge and back (I cursed the fact that I had not brought my camera, because the spring flowers were amazing, and I passed Ottawa's only Project Bookmark marker!)

In the coming weeks leading up to the half-marathon, I will be posting some fun facts about Medic to Medic, the U.K.-based charity for which I am raising money with my run. I would encourage you to donate online if you can; Medic to Medic does some amazing work supporting trainee doctors in the third world.

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