Thursday, November 18, 2010

My dream library*

Quick. You're 10 years old again. Close your eyes and picture your dream library.

Got it?

OK, now see what kids in Britain are picturing by clicking here to check out the first three of the nine finalists in the "My Dream Library" competition organised by UK children's book supplier Peters Bookselling Services to celebrate the 30th issue of its tBkmag magazine. PBS asked schoolkids and library book clubs to "draw and describe their dream library, offering the chance to win a 'tBkmag Reading Zone' for the library of their choice, consisting of library furniture and shelving to the value of £2000 from The Kit Shop, and over £1000 worth of books donated by leading publishers."

Three finalists' drawings will be revealed on the PBS website every week, leading up to an announcement of the winner on Dec 8th. The three above feature a roller-coaster, cameras, and a casino theme (I have to say, you can't sell me on that last one...)

Says PBS of the over 300 entries received, "the theme running through all the entries is that children want somewhere fun and exciting to read, and see the library and books as a way to exercise their imagination - real evidence, if it were needed, of the importance of libraries and books to young people at a time when libraries face much uncertainty amid budget cuts and closures."


*I kind of hate that title. It's so "My little pony" somehow....


  1. Hi Alex,

    Pleasantly surprised that our news has reached Canada! Many thanks for featuring the article, though I thought I should point out that your links to the shortlisted entries don't seem to work. However the link to our website does, so your readers may view the entries there. (We will be revealing the next three shortlisted entries on Wednesday!)

    Kind Regards,

    Tom Hunt, Peters Bookselling Services, UK.

  2. Sorry about that, Tom. Realised the links were dodgy but didn't have time to fix until now.