Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Customer-friendly features

Oh, dear. Even the press release leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

According to a big research study published today by the UK's MLA, "while books remain at the core of the public's expectation for the service, there is clear demand for customer-friendly features such as online book lending, children's facilities, adult classes, helpful staff, convenient opening hours."

Whoa. Didn't realise that children's facilities and helpful staff were considered extra, "customer-friendly features." I kind of took them as a right.

It's interesting to note that current and lapsed users rate coffee shop on site, longer opening hours, and children's activities as the top three things that "would encourage them to use libraries more."

It is alarming to see that only 14% of those surveyed view the library as somewhere to take their children, but heartening to see that even non library users see the value in library service.

England, I do hope you realise I pick on you because I love you... and because I know you can do better.

And maybe a little because I miss you. It's a passive-aggressive thing, you see.

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