Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Montreal by the book (novels set in Montreal)

See article and feel free to join the discussion (sorry - you have to join Ning first) and add your favourites. File under: why I have too much on my mind these days.


  1. I didn't join Ning so I'll add my faves here:
    Gabrielle Roy's Bonheur d'occasion (Tin Flute in English, I think)
    Francine Noel's Maryse
    I'm sure others will pop up, but those two came to mind first!

  2. thanks, Bec! I added them to Ning :)

  3. a few more...
    solomon gursky was here by mordecai richler (amazing canadian epic)
    last days of montreal by john brooke (not so good)
    is beautiful losers by leonard cohen set in montreal? i think so but can't remember.

  4. these are all great - thx guys! I've added you all to Ning (mwha ha ha)