Monday, May 25, 2009


I guess that title is a bit of a double entendre these days, since I'm having trouble with breathing, literally and metaphorically! In general, on a literal note, the chest is feeling better. I can still feel some stiffness, and I am trying to take Advil fairly regularly (who am I kidding? Once or twice a day... I can hardly remember to pack a lunch and pick up my coat in the staff room on the way out... How the heck can I remember to take Advil every 4 hours?) but overall, I am on the mend. The spousal unit has forbidden me from running for the next 3 weeks at least, though. Rats. And I was very green with envy watching the marathoners yesterday.

I did have a chance to recouperate this weekend - I had the pleasure of seeing Veronica Tennant on Saturday (I was the library rep. handing out Angelina Ballerina stickers and complimenting 4-year olds on their frilly dresses). Yesterday, I enjoyed a leisurely brunch and a quiet afternoon.

Last night, the spousal unit and I revived a summer tradition of after-dinner walks. When I was small, my parents and I used to often walk around Verdun (towards the waterfront, especially) in the evenings, and it's a nice tradition to continue. In Ottawa, of course, we are so lucky to have the canal and the rivers. Our route last night took us behind Parliament, the Supreme Court, and Library and Archives Canada, then across the Portage Bridge into Quebec, and then back across the lovely (but then, I'n baised) Alexandra Bridge (covered in many places right now with spray-painted notes written by the construction crews: sandblast here!). We watched seagulls plotting a probable plan for world domination on a small island in the river, broke up a fight between two red-winged blackbirds (actually quite upsetting! I think there were no injuries, however, so that's good), and observed people fishing, walking their dogs, and one couple enjoying strawberries and champagne! We didn't need those extra props to have a lovely romantic walk.

Today, we're miraculously over-staffed here at work, so I am enjoying an "office" day (as in, off the public reference desk day!) to finish working on my CLA Conference presentation.

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