Monday, May 4, 2009


So, two weekends ago (I know, another overdue blog post) we went on a mini-vacation weekend to Gananoque and Kingston, Ontario. We stayed at a really lovely inn in Gananoque, and, despite the fact that most of the boat tours along the Thousand Islands weren't running yet (and therefore most of the shops in Gananoque weren't open yet) we had a great time.

Some highlights:
  • The Museum of Health Care in Kingston - located on the Queen's University campus, near the hospital, this lovely small museum collects artefacts and documents relating to the history of health and health care in Canada. Some of their memorable pieces include a lovely mahogany traveling medicine cabinet, belonging to a Scottish-trained doctor and used for his medical practice in Jamaica up until the mid-20th century.

  • We had a lovely dinner beside Market Square in Kingston on Friday night. It was one of the first truly "summer-ish" weekends (going up to 27 degrees celcius!) and it was delicious to sit outside, watch the crowds, sip wine, and eat some fabulous pasta.

  • We went for an interesting 5K run in Gananoque: interesting in part because you can more or less cover the entire perimeter of Gananoque in 5K! We passed some residential neighbourhoods, were taunted by local hoodlums (just like at home!), crossed the Gananoque River twice, then passed a school and the 1000 Islands Playhouse. There was a lovely grand house for sale right across from the playhouse, and I contemplated throwing in the librarian towel, living off my savings (ha! for all of 5 minutes) and buying some not-insanely-expensive real estate large enough for me to turn around in. Then I sobered up when I remembered I'd get bored fast, even with the Playhouse across the street.

  • Of course, since this is me, I dragged the long-suffering spouse to not one, but two, municipal libraries: Gananoque Public Library, and Kingston Frontenac Public Library. We had a lovely chat with John Love at Gananoque PL, and I perused the book recommendations (among other things) at KFPL. Also, just outside GPL, we took a moment to reflect on this lovely bench.

Aside from that, we mostly lollygagged, which is more or less what I needed. Last week was my first week at a different library branch, in a slightly-more-senior position, and I've been swamped with new things, new projects, and new people (all of which is going well so far, but it's been all I can manage to stay on top of the crucial right now! Oh, and make lists.... Lots of lists).


  1. Haha, you're just like my mother. Except we usually have to check out the local public library AND the local Anglican church ;)

  2. Hee hee! I only drag K into churches when we're somewhere truly exotic... I totally haunted All Saints Anglican in Rome.