Monday, May 11, 2009

A graphic post

So, I was thoroughly appalled (and disgusted, and incensed, and a bunch of other things) to read about Pat Scale's comments in her SLJ column (via).

As a form of protest, I am going to blog about my favourite comics/graphic novels.

  • Runaways (series), and Pride of Baghdad (both by Brian K. Vaughn):

  • Ethel and Ernest by Raymond Briggs

  • Blankets by Craig Thompson

  • Louis Riel: A comic-strip biography by Chester Brown

I've been sitting on this post for 3 hours, hoping I'd find a spare sec to add summaries, but it's not happening.... Just read the above. Read Ethel and Ernest for nostalgia, for wartime England, for your ageing parents. Read Blankets to recall your first love, or a brush with fundamentalist religion!

I must tackle some of my to-do list now, since I'm off this afternoon to frolic in the tulips (yes, I will post some pics). Pre-frolic activities include writing some discussion questions for a home-based learners' book club (this month's selection is Fake I.D., a gripping YA suspense book about a girl who has been running from something - her mum won't tell her what - her whole life...), developing some posters and bingo cards (don't ask) for future library association-related events, scheduling (the highlight of my day, she said sarcastically), and then there's always the 12:30 information download when my colleague gets here! At least I came in early today (at 8, gah, after getting up at 5:45 for a run!) to fill the displays and get a head start on some stuff.


  1. That's funny - I was just thinking about graphic novels. I read French Milk last week, but despite the lovely premise (mother-daughter Paris trip) I found it somewhat lacking in substance. Have you read it? Tell me what you think.

  2. Hmm. Now that I've read the link you provided, my comment seems like the wrong response to your protest post. To correct it, let me just say what a fan I am of the genre (does she want libraries to get rid of their copies of Maus? or Persepolis? And what about Fun Home? Enough said.)

  3. I haven't read French Milk, but I will check it out!

  4. I. LOVE. CRAIG. THOMPSON. the way he draws his characters' hands kills me dead. Have you read Girl Stories by Lauren R. Weinstein? lovely.

    Also, let's develop an eastern ontario librarian blog army. I'll rally the troops in Kingston.

  5. i haven't read girl stories, but i'll pick it up!

    excellent. a blog army. count me in. i'm such a joiner.