Tuesday, February 10, 2009

This week's assignment: blog about Facebook

OK, I never thought I would sign up for Facebook, and then I was coerced, and now I've come to terms with it. I appreciate that I am able to stay in closer touch with some friends who live in other cities via FB, since I see their status updates and read (voyeuristically) what's on their wall, etc. I love looking at all the pictures, especially of people's trips, at my own pace (i.e quickly!)

I don't enjoy the random people I was never friends with in elementary and high school who friended me, though. I don't care about their status updates, annoying baby pics, etc. The first person from my high school to friend me, ironically, was a kid who bullied me. Nice. Strange, strange world we live in...

I also enjoy that the FB world is expanding with apps and different groups and pages: there is the Visual Bookshelf app, which I love. I even talked about it in my RA 2.0 presentation at OLA recently, because I totally do read the reviews, and I also like to check out what my FB friends are reading....

OPL, TPL, Library Journal, LibraryThing, and AskON all have pages, as does Tundra Books, Drawn and Quarterly, and House of Anansi. IFLA, CAPL, OLA, LANCR, CLA Montreal, Coach House Books, CBC Canada Reads, Quill and Quire, and ALA's SRRT all have groups (whew!). I really appreciate getting updates from these pages and groups.

I can also announce that very, very soon, ABQLA will have a Facebook group. Watch for it!

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