Monday, February 2, 2009

Delicious, social bookmarking, etc.

So my task for my learning 2.0 course this week is to blog about my experiences with Delicious and social bookmarking. I have been on Delicious (this is me!) for almost four years now. Actually, I had to look that date up just now, because I had literally no idea, and I am blown away. I've been using Delicious since May 2005?!? Who knew?! (Apparently, not me...). Some of my first adds were sites about library careers abroad, which reminds me of the headspace I was in then, as a newly-minted librarian!

More recently, I've been using Delicious mostly for sites I talk about in presentations, as I did recently with my OLA presentation and related websites. I don't use it quite so much anymore for my own saved sites, mostly because no matter where I save them, I forget they exist (I'm way too young to be this senile...). If a site is that important, I just subscribe to its feed if it has one.

As for other social bookmarking tools, I love LibraryThing (this is me!). In fact, I wrote a little testimonial about my experiences with it here (scroll to page 5 or click on title in TOC).

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