Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday: news round-up, then sleeeeep

I've been a bad blogger this week, neglecting you all since last Friday. I wish I could say I was being productive (well, I guess I was... just not here...) or that I was on a fab vacation like refinfo. Alas, no. I had an exhausting weekend, after a really crazy week and after catching a nasty cold. Prescription was: Advil, juice, and bed all day Saturday. I spent this week getting back in gear, and representing my employer with my great colleague BookPusher @ the FIS Job Fair. As always, the job fair rocked, thanks in large part to the amazing job that Meg and her colleagues did putting it together.

Now, my pretties, as a reward for following here, I give you .... a random Friday news round-up:

As promised above, I am now off to score some dinner - I'm thinking cozy bar with wingback chairs - and then sleep. I'll be curling up with this.

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  1. Worth the wait, Alex! So depressing about the bedtime stories though. Sometimes we skip homework, but we never, ever skip bedtime stories. Too busy? I don't buy it. Most picture books take 5 minutes to read. I could go on... Hope you're feeling better.