Thursday, September 30, 2010

The view from Thursday

To-do list (not all completed tonight, although one can always dream... I was on the desk all evening; but it was pretty quiet)
  • Talk to manager re. various things
  • E-mail potential library school applicant re. advice
  • Reserve what feels like 1 million books for our Communication Jeunesse book club
  • Prep booktalk for Monday: Grades 5-6. I'm thinking some cool new titles + some mysteries.
  • Invite classes to 2 author visits: one at Rockcliffe Park Library and one at Rideau Library
  • Reserve books by authors doing the two author visits!
  • Submit something to the community paper about the library
  • Find vampire books appropriate for a Grade 2-3 class
  • Plan classes in October that I am doing
  • Contact teacher re. participation in our Communication Jeunesse book club
  • Edit part 1 of the OPLA RA core competencies toolkit; begin my section of part 2.
  • Staffing issues: coaching someone.....
  • Outreach plans: connect with two new groups, minimum, this month.
  • Scheduling for both Rideau and Rockcliffe (I'd rather poke myself in the eye, but...)

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  1. scheduling is basically the worst of all professional duties.