Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday cuteness

I was at Canevas en couleurs today, which was lots of fun. Due to the chilly, rainy weather, the event was moved indoors, which was sad (I love being near the forest, and visiting the cabane à sucre!). On the other hand, it was also warmer inside, and since the long season I call Alex-is-always-cold has now begun (this season runs until May next year), I wasn't complaining. Plus, the Richelieu-Vanier community centre is really lovely inside (you should go, and check out the museum). I also got to check out some of a colleague's lovely photography (visit her Etsy store!)

So today I was promoting:

Adult books in our collection by Franco-Ontario authors (bookmarks and reading maps made by my amazing colleagues at Cumberland Branch)

Children's books in our collection by Franco-Ontario authors and also about art and artists (thanks to colleague B. for the blanket!)

I also had a Where the Wild Things Are puzzle out (above) and a craft table set up for kids:

Kids could make a collage (Leo Lionni style, as you can see), take a stapled art notebook and decorate it, or colour a spinning top (thanks to colleague R. for providing the template months ago!)

I had a lot of fun, and so did the kids:

I also read several stories, including Trois souris peintres (translation of Mouse Paint) and Frida. The latter I read to a very small girl (5-ish?) who sat solemnly through the whole thing; the book is an excellent, whimsical story about Frida Kahlo's life that does not either shy away from her pain or accident, nor glorify or sensationalise it. Well done.

I also had a discussion with a grandparent about Je découvre les nombres dans l'art, which is a fun little book in which each page has a major artwork (representing styles and artists around the world) and one line of text facing that, along the lines of I see six ducks... Really lovely introduction to art. The things to find in each work get harder as the book goes on.

All in all, a fun, rewarding day. But man, the other side of 30 is hard work; my feet are killing me after being on them all day. Pity me!

Also, a good friend called me mid-way through Canevas to tell me about this! I am totally thrilled about it; what a kind and thoughtful response! I think we all care, actually, but we sometimes don't get the opportunity to show it.

I was really touched - it's really something when something you say or do is recognised within your community. Thank you.

And if you are a new reader because of the millions (OK maybe not millions) of new readers David has sent to this blog, welcome! Here you will find book reviews, musings about library programs, tours of fabulous libraries or literacy initiatives here and abroad, and sometimes even the occasional poem or personal post. Happy reading.

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