Wednesday, September 15, 2010

BBAW: Unexpected treasure

That is today's topic, and we must share a book or genre we explored thanks to the influence of another blogger.

Again with the bad memory: I often reserve things I have read about online, and then when they come in, I look at them in bafflement and conclude, "Oh, well, must have read about it on a blog..."

Nevertheless, a few instances stand out: I was turned on to Jonathan Coe's The rain before it falls by Maylin from the Dewey Divas. To be clear, though, I heard her review in the flesh (it is also online here), but then the Divas blog kept reminding me about it (Maylin put the book on her favourites list for 2008, and mentioned it a few other times), so eventually I was spurred into action, and I loved it. Maylin often spurs me into action, though, so she has a good track record, as far as I'm concerned! The rain before it falls, in case you were wondering, follows an elderly woman who has recorded a family secret onto a tape - the tape is later listened to by her niece and great-niece, with momentous repercussions..... Check out the Independent review as well.

Sometimes I read award-winners in time, and sometimes I can be stubbornly behind, and oddly, it took a short but interesting review by dovegreyreader to get me to finally pick up the brick that is Wolf Hall. Hype about a book makes me contrary occasionally, which is rather judgmental of me, I suppose.... Thank goodness you bloggers are out there recommending!

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