Sunday, December 6, 2009

Remembering part 2

from the White Ribbon campaign website.

Quite a few 20th anniversaries this year. Today marks the 20th anniversary of the Ecole Polytechnique massacre.

Some of my contemporaries think violence or discrimination against women are "historical" issues; the fact is that the numbers are still scary. According to StatsCan:
  • 45 — The number of female victims of spousal homicide in 2008. Of these, 22 women were killed by their legally married husband, 10 by a common-law partner and 13 by a separated or divorced husband or common-law partner.
  • 36% — The percentage of female victims of spousal violence who report abuse to police. The equivalent number for men is 17%.
  • 25 to 34 — The age group, among women, most likely to be victims of spousal violence.
  • 61,690 — The number of women admitted to one of 569 shelters across Canada between April 1, 2007 and March 31, 2008.
  • 3 out of 4 — The proportion of all women who sought refuge in a shelter on April 16, 2008 who were escaping abuse (all via).
Some resources for today, if you're in a remembering kind of mood:

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