Thursday, December 10, 2009

Alex's Index to London and Oxford

Zorya, me and Kalila outside the Bodleian Library in Oxford

with apologies

  • churches or cathedrals visited: 7
  • colleges at Oxford visited as immediate family of an alumnus: 2
  • libraries visited (exteriors and interiors): 9
  • libraries I attempted to break into: 3
  • size of the largest single room selling books, the Norrington Room: 10,000 sq.ft.
  • books in the Norrington Room: over 160, 000 volumes
  • museums visited: 5
  • bookstores visited: 4
  • sites from Harry Potter films visited unintentionally: 2
  • cousins once removed met for the first time (see photo, above): 2
  • years since I've seen my uncle Ralph: 21
  • years since I've seen my cousin, Sim and my aunt Jackie: 19
  • years since I've seen my cousin, Kielan: 5
  • weddings attended: 1
  • Nirvana songs danced to: 1
  • times we passed through Baker Street tube station (one of the original stations of the Metropolitan Railway, the world's first underground railway, opened January 10, 1863): at least 5
  • times we spent 30p. on the toilets at Paddington (grrr): 4
  • canvas bags purchased from various tourist destinations: 3
  • tube delays: 1
  • passports stolen: 2
  • hours spent in Canada House obtaining temporary passports (not by choice): 5
  • length of time before we were issued temporary passports: 36 hours
  • missed flights: 1
  • visits to the Charing Cross Police Station: 1
  • fire alarms experienced: 2
  • Yarrows in one room (maximum): 8
  • photographs taken: 547


  1. I want the stolen passport story! (The first time I went to England, I was pickpocketed, if that makes you feel better.)

  2. that sorta makes me feel better :)

    Kris' bag was stolen from beside or on his chair at a Cafe Nero in Mayfair. Passports, $$$$, ID, glasses, housekeys, basically everything!