Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Guardian Charity Awards 2009

One of the small but distinct joys of visiting England was picking up the Guardian every day. Heck, I was even pleased to pick up the Evening Standard, not the least of which because they did a piece about the London Library - OK, so it was really just about the library's newest member (scroll down to second item on this page). But I digress....

I might have over 300 feeds in Google Reader, but I will always be a paper-based girl at heart. Hence, the joy of holding the Guardian and reading it cover to cover.

One of the interesting things I read about, in the society section, was the winners of the Guardian Charity Awards. Two out of the five winners are involved in reading-related work, including the InterAct Reading Service, which sends actors into hospitals to read to stoke survivors, and the Shannon Trust, which helps prisoners learn to read and improve their literacy skills. Says Julie Carthy, development manager at the Shannon Trust, about working with prisoners, "All these doors that have been shut for so many years are finally opening. They're thinking, 'Perhaps I will be able to send my daughter a birthday card this year...'"

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