Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Things that drive me crazy

Warning: Cranky old person post!

In no particular order...
  1. People my age (or really any age) who still think jokes about gay people are funny.
  2. People who say, "Sorry, I don't read the news."
  3. The word "societal." It's "social." I know societal is technically a word now, but seriously, why try to sound pretentious?
  4. Anyone who says "Sorry, I'm too young to remember that," or, conversely, people who ask me if I've ever used a typewriter or card catalogue [or fill in the blank with other outmoded technology related to libraries]. Yes, I've used both, and no, you are totally the first person to make a joke about my age. I'm also a reasonably skilled calligraphist who used microfiche in her old bookstore job, owned a rotary dial phone for most of the 90s, and has one parent born in the 1930s. 32 flavours and all that. Now let's all have a good laugh and I won't make any assumptions about your age or experience.
  5. People who tell me they think homeless people are lazy.
  6. Anyone who asks me where I get all my energy, and then answers their own question with, "well, of course, you don't have kids." Would you say that to a male colleague? I didn't think so. Related gripe: Anyone who says they don't have time to read. I guess you make time for what's important to you.
  7. People who are afraid to say the word "dead," especially those who seem even too afraid to say "passed on," and so simply say "passed." It's not gas, it's death.
  8. People who say "No one ever tells me what's going on around here!" Um, hi, personal responsibility?
  9. People who take over the whole sidewalk and make you risk your life walking in traffic (that one was for the husband).
  10. Those who cannot resist checking their phone while sharing a meal with you.
Please, add your favourites in the comments! It's crankypants day for Only Connect!


  1. I am guilty of #4, just last night! Sorry.

    Not sharing the sidewalk is definitely a pet peeve of mine. Walking down the sidewalk should not be a contact sport.

  2. You are guilty of NOTHING!

    Speaking of contact sports, some dude stepped on my shoe so hard this AM at Mackenzie-King, he removed it for me.

  3. Ha! I thought of another one. People who refuse to remove their bags from an empty seat on the bus when the bus is clearly full of people. It is *public* transit. If you don't want anyone to sit next to you, buy a car! Ugh.

    People who get off the bus, escalator, etc., and just stop (to catch a breath? to look around? who knows!), thereby blocking everyone behind them from also getting off said bus, escalator, etc. I have missed many a bus as a result of this.

    Maybe I just need to iron my crankypants. :)

  4. Related to people getting off the bus and stopping... People who crowd around the bus doors making it difficult for the people on the bus to get out. You can't have their seats if they can't leave, people!

  5. People who don't know the rule, "Let someone out before you go in." Anywwhere - busses, shopping malls, front doors - they all apply. Perhaps you don't want to go in, if everyone is coming out!!


  6. I still have a rotary phone. We have a push button one too, but no call display.

    My list of crankypants items is much too long.

    Though I am currently highly irritated with job ads that do not state until the very end that they are Young Canada Works jobs. 'Tis the season: I want to send hate mail to the bastards that get my hopes up until I realize it's for STUDENTS under THIRTY. Put it at the top, a-holes.

    And I wholeheartedly agree with the bus stuff already stated.

  7. Peeve: Don't tell the Librarian how to search.

  8. agree, Kstari!

    + Carrie. Read your post this AM - sad, sad, sad world. P.S. Wanna move to Ottawa? The condos/apts are the size of postage stamps, and everyone wears a suit, but the salaries are OK! Also, I am comforted by your rotary phone use.

  9. To continue the list:
    People who wear pyjama bottoms in public.
    Really? "public" wear for public, and PRIVATE wear for private...
    And Alex, I especially liked your #7 - it's true that people just die. End of story, so to speak:)

  10. I have to say I recognize some of these comments...welcome to the land of the politically ignorant.
    Personally, #1 and 2 make me insane. As to #3, my pet peeve word is 'utilize'. #6 is used as an excuse for not doing anything someone doesn't truly want to but thinks they should. People admire my garden but then assume I have 'bags' of free time since I don't have a baby on my hip...(sorry my rant has taken over:)