Sunday, April 10, 2011

Things I have learned recently

  1. Most Bookmobile patrons come from within a 1k radius from the stop.
  2. Incinerating toilets: 50% way cool, 50% ick.
  3. Two people can say contradictory things and they can both, on some level, be true.
  4. Sometimes, strangely, taking 3 buses is faster than taking 2.
  5. The novelty of having your own work voicemail wears off quickly.
  6. Everyone wants to work somewhere where they feel valued; there are myriad careless ways in which supervisors and managers can make staff feel devalued.
  7. Homebound Services at OPL serves close to 700 individual patrons, all the way to the outer limits of the City, with a staff of less than 10.
  8. Almost everybody in a big organisation feels a little bit alienated from senior management.
  9. Creating small "wins" builds goodwill in a new department, and this pays off exponentially.
  10. Thinking too hard makes you hungry.

1 comment:

  1. # 3, #4 and #10 - those are my favourite truths and also the ones that will take you on a great ride through a very happy and long professional life ;-)