Thursday, July 15, 2010

...Short post... Melting....

More outreach for me today, this time poolside (I know, hard life!) at a local wading pool.

Exhibit A, with explanation below:

So, as I have previously tried to explain, I am pretty shy (although mostly masked). I arrived at the pool, and the organisers had set up my tent on the raised platform behind the green fence in the top L of the above photo. I did something very rare: I complained. Well, not really complained, but asked the Parks and Rec staff if they could help me move the tent and table closer to the pool, because, um, NO ONE was going to come up onto that platform. Seriously. It would have been so boring. It took a lot of courage (and about 2 minutes of internal conflict) for me to speak up. YAY me.

I think maybe the staff members weren't thrilled (hee hee) but we moved everything (OMG was it ever hot), and being beside the pool (and the booth for public health, where they were serving watermelon) was a good call - I was busy for the whole two hours I was there. Weirdest poolside reference question: can sharks see (answer: yes)?

And now I am completely exhausted. I blame the heat!

Forthwith, to sleep.

P.S. If you enjoy this blog, you might also enjoy this collaborative blog about food, by librarians, that went live today - and which I am writing for!


  1. I love all your blogs. When do you find the time to do everything so well? Anyhoo, much enjoyed by the superdude mom at home.

  2. supermom! i miss you....!

    meh. i do everything passably well, and nothing spectacularly well.

  3. i agree with the commenter above..where do you find the time and energy to always do things so impeccably??? (that is how we perceive it! you're too hard on yourself!)