Thursday, July 8, 2010

Liberate your librarian

CHANGE IS OVERDUE - a public charter for libraries

"We are currently in a situation where two thirds of people in the UK read in their free time yet only one third of the population visit libraries. Why is this the case when libraries offer 24 hr web services, are open to all and provide access, free of charge, to books and an array of other interesting reading materials? Either it is because a public library service is not relevant today or, the more likely, libraries are not meeting the needs and wants of their local communities."


"1. Make the libraries local
2. Increase opening hours
3. Improve library collections
4. Improve the library environment
5. Embrace technology
6. Liberate the library staff
7. Collaborate and share best practice
8. Don’t waste money
9. Performance feedback
10. Engage individuals and communities
11. Don't close libraries
12. Make and keep a promise"

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