Wednesday, July 21, 2010

3D digital picture books

Yup, that's right. Get out your 3D glasses, kids; a brave new world for picture books is upon us.

I get the points below (and agree) but still feel like this is a bit weird!

Q: "I want to talk a little bit about this digital age of reading. Many people, myself included, are wary of all this new technology when it comes to literature. Picture books are the first books children come to. What are we saying if their first reading experience occurs on the screen?
A: Well, children are exposed to television very early on. They know the form. What we're trying to do in our work with these picture books is strike a balance between text and image. We don't want this to read exactly like a book, or else what is the point? We also don't want it to be too image heavy and just develop into a short film. It's about balance, and we're constantly re-assessing and working on that. We want children to have a dynamic reading experience. We're passionate about that. [...] Authors and artists have always kind of pushed the limit. For example, those tactile picture books that used to exist when we were kids. The ones you could touch. Even the "choose your own adventure" books."

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