Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Training, training, training

So I am training a new staff member who will be a CPPSA, which is OPL-code for Children's Programming and Public Service assistant.

Her kids are, um, closer to my age, so she asked me to put aside a few recent kids' books so she could catch up on what she missed since she read to them.

I thought you would enjoy....

Alex's favourite picture books (from the past 20 years) in Rideau Branch's circulating collection:
You know you want to click on it to blow it up....

Same, except in Rideau Branch's Reference collection (for program use):
Yeah, yeah. I know. I kissed the baby is there twice. So shoot me. I just noticed that now.
P.S. The one below Go away, big green monster is Three little ghosties. You KNOW I ordered that one as a Reference copy....Just so I could have my own mobile.


  1. you are missing Everyone poops :-)

  2. hee hee. i'll get right on that :)