Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ode to thee who subscribeth via RSS

I just wanted you all to be aware of a response I had from Wendy Moffat, author of the new Forster bio so sensationally covered by the Telegraph:

Wendy says she has "written a letter to the Editor of the Telegraph to tell them that this article, for which I was not interviewed, is mistaken."

Well. Methinks the Telegraph smelled sex and made the most of it. Judgement is reserved for when I have read the book in question. Shame on the Telegraph for manipulating the situation, and capitalising on Forster's somewhat complicated personal life.

[As a total sidebar, this reminds me of the time that Martin Scorsese's daughter was in our summer programs at the library, since Scorsese was renting a local home while filming The Aviator - Cate Blanchett also came in, but that's a story for another day... let me know via comments if you want that story! Anyway, Scorsese's daughter, who is a pale blonde, was allegedly "sighted" by the local paper at the public pool: they said they knew her by her long brown tresses. Right.]