Tuesday, June 1, 2010

... The future is here!

"O, brave new world, / That has such [gadgets] in't!"

"Children, 4, 'to be fingerprinted to borrow school books from library'" from The Telegraph.


  1. and what do YOU think about it??

  2. At least they won't say, Miss, I forgot my card, since their thumbs are, presumably, permanently attached :)

    No, seriously, it's a little weird but probably intuitively easy for kids. What's weird is the fact that a 4yr old's fingerprints will be on file... where? They say the records will be erased when the kids graduate, so whatever. I guess it's fine. Lots of panicky parents, but how different is it from when there were info booths set up in schools (by police) to fingerprint kids in case of later abduction? They had those when I was a kid.