Wednesday, April 7, 2010

"They're like Swiss army penknives on wheels."

I just couldn't resist that quote. It's from a Guardian article about whether mobile libraries (commonly known in North America as bookmobiles) are dead. All this since Baldwin bought one to use as a playhouse. Sigh. I thought we were all slavering pathetically over Keith Richards this week? No? Now it's Alec? Whoops, sorry.

The key to good bookmobiles, according to the Guardian, is "good livery" (another quote I just couldn't resist), choosing the right neighbourhoods (families, seniors) for stops, and catchy marketing doesn't hurt: one bookmobile is emblazoned "The book stops here," which I love.

Here in Ottawa, we have 2 bookmobiles. In case you've always wondered, here's what an interior looks like:

Photo credit: Cynthia Spekkens

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