Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Reading aloud to your children: "The Streak"

Rebecca sent me the link to this lovely article about a father-daughter project: 1, 000 nights of reading together (they called it "The streak"). It's really moving:

"Generation B: A Father-Daughter Bond, Page by Page." by MICHAEL WINERIP. New York Times.

"In those nine-plus years, they survived many close calls. [...] Kristen [...] was active in community theater groups that would rehearse late, and a few dozen times, Mr. Brozina turned up and read to her between scenes. One night, a rehearsal for “I Remember Mama” was supposed to end at 11:30, but the director, upset with the performance, was yelling at the players. “Our rule was we had to read before midnight and it had to be at least 10 minutes,” Mr. Brozina said. “It was 11:45 and he wasn’t letting up.”

“Dad took me off the stage,” Kristen said. “I was 17.”

“We sat in the auditorium and I read to her,” said Mr. Brozina.

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