Monday, April 12, 2010

School librarians in school libraries: the South African struggle

Ah, it's not just in Quebec, dear readers. It's everywhere.

And it makes me gnash in despair to read this about the country, even the same city, where my lovely cousin and his fabulous wife are raising two strong, brilliant, imaginative and lively girls (below) at Samhitakasha:

"In 2010, when we have built fine football stadiums across the country and will undoubtedly run an organised and inspiring World Cup, children were marching under the same banner as in 1976: Equal Education. [...The organisation] Equal Education points out [that] fewer than 7% of schools in South Africa have a functioning library. Perhaps 21% have some kind of structure called a reading room, but these are usually used for classrooms, are seldom stocked properly and do not have a library professional in charge to ensure that the right books are there and that they are used properly."

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