Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A metro in Ottawa

(no, I'm not calling it the subway)

Great article on Spacing Ottawa today about the history of the debate for underground transit in Ottawa. There are some wonderful drawings representing various (killed) plans. Apparently, the idea of underground transit first came up in 1915... and I quote:

"In a report to Parliament, the Holt Commission noted the severe congestion of Sparks Street and arteries leading up to it, including Bank and Elgin Streets. [The commission recommended] placing streetcars in a subway between Bronson and Rideau Streets, with southbound lines on Bank and Elgin."

That's pretty much the same congestion problem we have now (OK, so we'd have to add King Edward).

*Alex puts her head down on desk in frustration...*

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  1. wow, they started talking about it that loong ago!? i'm not impressed...and YES it would be good to have an underground transporation system for Ottawa!!!