Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Linkage of the day

  • Excellent post and interesting comments on Re:Generations blog about dressing to impress. I agree with she who said she dresses not just for others, but for herself. I also agree with those who write they dress to not be mistaken for students. I also must say, jeans, to me, are never appropriate at work... but I'm funny that way. Final editorial comment: one of my first mentors took me aside when I got my first (temporary) full-time job (at circ, mind!) to say: dress the part. Dress the part, and patrons will treat you differently. And she was right.
  • LoC opens new area for the rugrats. Various linkage to be made here.... Official kiddy website here. Pick yer poison.
  • I like saying linkages. Tee hee. I also just kicked a migraine, so I am going away now....


  1. You took that advice to heart, I see, because you always look fabulous.