Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Urban bunnies

So, my week has so far sucked, quite profoundly. But this is Not That Kind of Blog, so, instead, I would like to point out the following: Ottawa has urban bunnies. In fact, it's one of the three things that keeps me from swallowing my own gun in this city (the other two would be Culinary Conspiracy and The Ottawa Writer's Festival).

Ce soir, I was out with a visiting friend, trying to restrain myself from trashing Ottawa too much while appreciating having a conversation with another educated, progressive-thinking, sympathetic-to-the-arts, human being, and on the way home, I wondered - crap, did I trash Ottawa too much? It's like going out for drinks with girlfriends wondering if you talked too much smack about your boyfriend.

And then this appeared in a driveway on my street, and I was utterly charmed.

And yes, the only nice thing I have to contribute this week is rabbits. They're not even calico, like yours, Bec. Alas.


  1. oh, bunnies don't need to be calico to be sweet! sounds like it's really time for a trip out west... but it also sounds like you might have already used up your vacation. We're coming east in July so hopefully we can connect then. I'm thinking of you. xx

  2. thanks. glad to hear you're coming east :)

  3. Hang in there, Alex - Ottawa can be bleak, for sure, but don't leave us! How are we supposed to develop panache unless there is a critical mass of cool?
    As for the bunny, was it a zombie bunny? Or a rabid rabbit? Just asking...

  4. Sorry to hear you're frustrated with Ottawa. I love it, but I appreciate it may not hold quite the same charms for a non-native. Montreal or London, it is not!

    Don't sweat the O-town trash talk. I talk smack about my boyfriend with my girlfriends all the time ;)