Wednesday, June 3, 2009

C3, WordThink: Call it what you will

It still spells death to Dewey. Another library throws DDC out the window.


  1. I prefer a specific "address" for finding books in the library. I can browse a subject area just as easily on a numerically organized shelf. In fact, bookstore arrangements are too UNdefined. This WordThink concept seems to promote the dumbing down of thinking that's already so apparent in this country. Does the book industry have a problem with Dewey??? Is this some sort of corporate takeover of libraries, which is already happening in some systems threatened by lack of funding and thus closure?

  2. i think i do, too, but i am reserving judgement until i have stalked my friend chris who will soon be working at markham village, so i can see it for myself.

    For your info, there is an interesting discussion about this on MetaFilter (thx to Jessamyn West for the link):

    I suspect it's less a corporate takeover than an attempt by libraries to look at things and, in view of the hordes in Chapters vs. the dwindling #s of people in libraries (well, ok, except for those seeking employment in the recent recession!), make some changes. Hooray for experimenting, I say. Doesn't mean it will always work, or that it's necessarily a great idea, but hooray for trying.