Monday, June 8, 2009


On our weekly walk (OK, so we missed out last weekend, but still) we made a lovely surprise discovery on the side lawn of the old City Hall: some Canada geese and goslings, chowing down on a Sunday dinner of fresh grass. You could literally hear them pulling out the shoots. It was adorable. They were not deterred at all from their feast by our gawking: in fact, I waved goodbye to one who was oogling us quite unabashedly, and I swear he/she wagged his/her head in return...

P.S. Goose poo is bigger than you think.

Below is a somewhat clumsy home-made panorama of the Delegation of the Ismaili Imamat on Sussex. I love the terraced grass on the far right. That whole stretch of King Edward on the left, by the way, is a nightmare. It is noticeably better since they re-did it last summer (that was fun. The Husband and I had to avoid various gaping holes, wade through gravel and mud, and I had to pick grit out of my contact lenses when I got home every time we went running) but still a headache. So much so that it has its own task force - just read their facts page! Don't get us started. It was once planned to be an alternative ceremonial route to Sussex Dr. but is now languishing in decay, compounded by the indignity of 50,000 vehicles pounding along King Edward daily (between Boteler and Murray streets). Anyway, at the top you get nothing but an inkling of the mess up ahead. In fact, last night, it was a positively lovely view.

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