Monday, June 18, 2012

Heard at CLA 2012

Here are some snippets from other sessions I attended at the recent CLA Conference.

From Tina Thomas's session, "Making a Lasting Impression: Building our Brand in our Branches" (Tina is the Director, Marketing and Fund Development, Edmonton Public Library)
  • Clutter is an ergonomic issue for the mind
  • Do your dislays make it look like professionals work there?
  • Can anyone run a program or do circ? Then why can everyone and anyone make a sign?
  • Do you have a signage problem?
From the Great Debate:
  • Why did Occupy make their own libraries? Maybe bc ours close at 5
  • Slacktivism! Petitions are what the powerless people do....
  • Access is not equal to, in one province, a fee. In one national library, an appointment.
  • Put your meat on the table. If you are a professional, show your face.
From the Book Awards's acceptance speech by Matthew Forsythe
  • "Illustrators and freelance artists have to spend one or two days a week at libraries to nourish what we do!"
During Battle Decks, from the lovely Robyn Stockand:
  • "Librarians are innovators in some of the best and all of the worst ways."

From Christina Neigel, Instructor, University of the Fraser Valley, during her session, "Inclusiveness and Hypocrisy: How Do Libraries Really Measure Up?"
  • What about instituting a minor in library studies? Think: if people knew more about our profession, wouldn't that benefit us?
  • "We need to be more outspoken about what it takes to work in this field: you have to want to engage in conflict."
  • "Libraries do not do a good job of supporting lifelong learning within their own walls"
From Evan Solomon at the closing keynote:
  • "The only way around the political philosophy is to be a political strategist."

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