Saturday, April 28, 2012

Quick update

It's the end of April! One month until the CLA Annual Conference, then my next OPLA RA meeting, and a trip to Kitchener!

I've been furiously doing battle with a broken elevator at work (and, one might argue, some broken souls), but I'm still alive (the elevator might not be).

Later today, I am driving back to Montreal, for a week's rest. I will be walking on the mountain with my former boss, having dinner with two women priests I admire greatly, hamming it up with Caroline and her slide whistle at the ABQLA conference, and spending hours reading (hopefully). On that last point, here's what's under my wing-back chair at home ('cause I am off work for, you know, 9 days. I have to have some back-ups):

Here are some Saturday treasures for you to digest with your coffee:
  • A Letter to a New Branch Manager, by Tara Kressler - some sound advice here. #1 is absolutely crucial (I have heard other teams disparage new branch managers who didn't follow it) and #2 is probably my biggest take-away from the last two years of supervising. But oh hell no, I am not dressing up. So don't ask.
  • I am off to Battle Decks. Everything in that bio is true. Watch out.
This list would be longer but my ride's here. PS I hate the new Blogger interface screwing up my fonts..... Laters!


  1. hey alex, do you know about this?

  2. Yup - pretty good reads, eh?

  3. i love his snarky yet personable letters!!! too funny....amazing that it's been over 4 YEARS!