Saturday, April 14, 2012

Excerpts from the March monthly report at Carlingwood

Man, I'm tired. Am I getting old or something? I find now that sometimes Fridays, capped off with a glass of wine, find me asleep before 10 pm. Other than that sad fact, things are percolating along over here, with plans for the CLA Conference becoming more concrete, and weekends full of wonderful walks and runs around in the sun, observing some very early tulips.

Here are some things I (and my amazing colleagues) have been up to at work these days:
  • We finished a gargantuan weeding and shifting project on the 2nd floor (adult non-fiction), making room for better homes for our Multilingual, language learning and graphica collections. In other building news (seriously, sometimes I think it's *all* building news... ain't nobody teaching this sh*t in library school!) we re-arranged elements of our lobby (based on some unfortunate customer feedback that turned into a happy story when I saw the amazing job my team did making improvements!), and I was finally able to realise my "accountability" vision of having a real conversation via the comment and suggestion box by installing a comment board (see at right). My plan may well come back and bite me though, as the comments have increased at least threefold since the board's installation. That's a lot of answering for me to do! I mean, hooray! Meanwhile, our building maintenance team was in fine form and framed and dry-walled our new 3rd floor shared office, prompting a musical chairs-style shuffle of the magazine shelving up there, and speculation about installing a jacuzzi.
  • My tremendous Adult Information team led a “How to Use the Library's Digital Media Collection” program on the 2nd floor in front of the Adult Information Desk. Over the course of the afternoon (primarily from 2 pm – 4 pm) all four of us helped about 15 people with digital media questions. Despite the presence of our OPL Toybox at this event, featuring different eReaders customers could try out, the vast majority of the people we helped were 55+ and had brought their own eReaders and tablets so that we could help them set up their devices to download from our collection. The rest of the participants stopped by to ask more general questions about devices, compatibility, and what would work best for their needs. A quick tally indicates that we worked in-depth with customers setting up: 2 Blackberry Playbooks, 2 iPod Touch(es?), 1 Kobo Vox, 1 Sony PRS505, and 1 Sony PR650. We also had three general questions, one customer with an iPad at home who wanted a bit of a demo, and 2 with laptops or PCs at home who also wanted to walk through the set-up steps. I am immensely proud of my colleagues for handling a pretty crazy afternoon with grace, professionalism, creativity, and humour!
  • 16 teens (and our own resident award-winning poet) created spine poetry for a poetry month display!
  • We had 153 adults, 66 teens and 1282 children at our programs this month.
  • I continued my ongoing meet-and-greets with local community partners. I was reading today in Vanity Fair about a movie director who meets with one person who is NOT in the entertainment business every two weeks: what an interesting goal. I might steal it. Anyway, I have been discussing potential future partnerships / common interests left, right and centre these days.... Not to mention I am shilling the planned Carlingwood Older Adults Advisory Committee to everyone. We are hoping to get that group off the ground in the fall.
  • News EMC West wrote a piece on the Carlingwood Branch, prompting a childhood friend to stop by. Turns out she lives a few blocks away now. Small world!
  • Stay tuned on April 16th for the announcement of the CLA Book of the Year for Children award winner, and some interesting cross-promotion between OPL and CLA this year.
  • Bonus image above: our Titanic display was picked over by one enthusiastic child almost immediately, forcing P and I to get all silly with it, sticking up some seafood titles and speculating about Leo DiCaprio bios or books about swimming technique. Note new location of pillar displaying DVDs - great team suggestion!

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