Monday, January 30, 2012

Library day in the life, Round 8, Monday

OK, I really want to do this, but I am totally swamped this week, so you are getting whatever I can throw up. Sorry, kids!
  • I was off this morning, so I read, drank coffee in PJs, and had a phone conversation regarding the upcoming CLA Conference, and my role as chair of the Local Arrangements Committee.
  • Today was a bit atypical at work as we were having the first (in a long time) branch staff meeting. Circulation (Borrower Services staff), several pages, and Information Services (Children's and Adult) staff all sat around a table for 2 hours! More on this below.
  • I arrived at work at 12:20ish, read and responded to some e-mail, checked in with the casual staff replacing my colleague and I so we could attend the meeting, and assigned some tasks.
  • I checked in with the circ and children's teams, and checked the room set-up for the staff meeting. I wanted to make some adjustments to make it look like more of a round-table, so several people who had arrived early helped me move things around.
  • 1 pm: I decided to open my first meeting as the new coordinator by asking everyone around the table to share something they had read or watched recently. We then moved on to discuss everything from new and revised policies (I'll spare you the details, but food and drink was a lively discussion, as was branch security/safety and difficult patrons), our new booksale area (prices increased and criteria for receiving donations tightened up a bit to be more in line with this), updates on ongoing projects (weeding, shifting the collections, expanding the Teen Zone), and items for discussion (shelftalkers coming soon to Carlingwood!).
  • P.S. Managing a team of 8 is very different than managing a team of 30+!
  • 3-4 pm: Honestly, I don't even know what I did. The meeting ended, I had a few one-on-one follow-up conversations, I snarfed a granola bar, I covered Info while my colleagues were on break, and answered a million emails.....
  • 4-4:45: Alone on the Info desk. Signed some timesheets, served some patrons. Went hunting for nonfiction DVDs that were all over the place.....
  • 5-6: Food!
  • 6 -8:30: On Info again, with a colleague. Checked in with circ and children's teams, replied to emails, did some scheduling for upcoming training of members of our team, finally faxed all those timesheets, etc. Also introduced and thanked our evening speaker, Dr Surjit Herr (speaking about "The 3 Secrets to Stress Management.") Don't know where the time went!
  • 8:31: Responded to a patron comment card regarding additional shelving for the DVDs.... Something I was thinking about, too (which I told the patron quite honestly). He appreciated my call, and said that the Library is the best value for tax dollars in the city. Great way to end the evening!
  • 8:32: Positive feedback from staff member re. meeting!
  • 8:35: Emailed manager for advice re. vague wording in the collective agreement
  • 8:45: Out the door!

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