Monday, October 10, 2011

News round-up

  • I wish I could go to this
    "Bishop Barry Clarke, St. James the Apostle Anglican Church and the Writer’s Chapel Trust invite you to a service of Evensong honouring the life of Frank R. Scott and dedicating the chapel at St. James the Apostle as The Writers’ Chapel, Montreal: a place to honour and remember the talents of Canadian writers. The Writers' Chapel Trust was created 2 years ago to commemorate Montreal writers. This year Bishop Barry will dedicate The Writers' Chapel and a plaque for F.R. Scott will be installed."
  • "Breathing the rarefied air at Centennial College's new library"
    "The architectural re-branding of Centennial [....] The dour series of pre-cast concrete buildings put up in the 1970s are still standing, but now they’re offset by light-filled buildings with lounges equipped with computer bars and hipster seating in shades of cool, cucumber green. At the heart of the new $34-million library by Diamond + Schmitt Architects is a living wall of mesmerizing greenery that’s four storeys high."
  • Oxfordshire County Council resorts to blackmail: "I hope you're happy, Philip Pullman. We saved your libraries, but the elderly and disabled will suffer instead."

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