Monday, September 26, 2011

News round-up

It's been awhile since I've written you a nice long post, but some are coming, promise! I've been swamped here at work. Last week involved teaching, a job interview*, two crises, leading part of a tour of Main (Diversity and Accessibility Services, obvs) for new employees, some time at Bookmobile, a 2 hour meeting on Wednesday, followed by outreach at a local school (promoting Bookmobile and children's services), followed by more outreach (class-by-class 20 min presentations!) on Thursday at another local school. All day Thursday I kept taking my jacket off ad putting it back on, like some perverse Mr. Rogers on fast-forward... And my copy of Taming Horrible Harry seemed impossibly heavy. Turns out I was not having premature hot flashes, or losing my outreach stamina, but about to get the stomach flu! Hooray!

While I hobble towards recovery on a bread-and-water diet, here are some juicy stories to sink your teeth into:

* yeah, you caught that, didn't you?.... I am staying in my current post (no longer acting) for a term of 6 months. That's me, Coordinator of Diversity and Accessibility Services!

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