Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New-ish roles @ OPL: the past three months

So, again, not a monthly report, but more of a quarterly one. Previous here.
  1. I went on two ride-alongs with Homebound Services (third one was foiled by my recent stomach flu... and I am very annoyed)
  2. Bookmobile implemented our new communications procedure. Many thanks to staff in our Communications and Community Relations and Digital Services departments, who cooperated with us to implement this new procedure and helped with supporting resources, which included a cheat sheet for staff to follow, with templates for messages and tweets, a bilingual press release which was picked up by the Citizen and Ottawa East EMC, and a social media poster with OPL’s first-ever QR codes.
  3. Bookmobile did some healthy collection maintenance, including selecting some new magazines (look for Cooking Light, Family Handyman, Money Sense, Natural Health, National Geographic Kids and Mes premieres j’aime lire), re-organising teen material on the bus, and weeding.
  4. 395 children registered for the TD Summer Reading Club on the Bookmobile, thanks to excellent promotion by all, and festive SRC-themed decorations by one of our team! Bookmobile patrons read 2256 books this summer! We also visited 5 local schools to promote SRC, with 1150 children reached this way.
  5. Bookmobile started using a Smart Bin!
  6. We bought traction tape and sweeping compound to minimise slippery conditions and dust on the bus.
  7. We participated in the Capital Pride Parade!
  8. Three special guests went on ride-alongs: a University of Western Ontario FIMS student, an OPL Board member, and our boss.
  9. We're working on new publicity, including Bookmobile’s first-ever bookmarks (you may have seen branch bookmarks).
  10. We're working on moving some extensive Homebound files that are still kept on paper online, into some kind of database ....
  11. I did some massively boring file management on our Shared directories, giving more power to the peeps by allowing staff to see more files, documents, procedures, stats, training guides etc. for Bookmobile.
  12. I helped out in other areas of our large department: with Fall events for our Library Settlement Workers, preparing for the Mayor's Seniors Summit next week, answering questions about accessibility issues in branch libraries, and dealing with questions about newcomer homework help sessions at branch libraries.

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