Thursday, October 28, 2010

So you want to be a librarian...

Are you crazy?

Watch this laugh-out-loud video (and I'm not a laugh-out-loud kind of person):

Best lines:

"You will be unjamming printers until your hands bleed. You will be threatened with physical violence over a 10c fine while children scream because they have used up their computer time on Robot Unicorn Attack."

Ah, been there.


"Have you ever been shanked with a pair of safety scissors for refusing to extend a due date?"

"I think most problems with patrons are missed opportunities for teachable moments."

For the record, I haven't been shanked, but I have been stalked and body-checked on the street by a patron, and yes, I have hidden the scissors.

But you have to laugh. Otherwise, you just might cry.


  1. Hee!

    My vote for best line is: "You will live on gin and valium and when you run out of them you will live on spite"

  2. I vote for "My God, you are a library martyr" - I have actually been told that!

  3. That was my fave too, Laura