Friday, October 29, 2010

More Writers' Fest reports

I devoted my energies this aft to writing up my notes from the Andrea Levy talk I attended on Wednesday. Alas, dear readers, they went up on the OPL blog. Sorry; you got shafted this time.

Clearly I need to clone myself to get enough blogging done....

Between that, and filling the holes in the Rockcliffe Library schedule, listening to the Divas this morning (amazing, as always) and, oh yeah, serving the public, it was a crazy day. One patron called me "his favourite person," another told me in no uncertain terms that I was "unhelpful," (I told him he could come back when he calmed down) and one patron, um, emitted gas in front of me... But hey, the windows are finished, and this weekend our furniture and carpets are getting cleaned!

Looking forward to resting over the weekend. Oh wait. I have 46 midterms to grade. Crap.

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